avid™ hotels

IHG® has a new midscale hotel brand that champions everyday travel at a fair price.

We're launching a new, high-quality midscale brand that will champion the everyday traveler. These guests want a hotel stay that finally meets their expectations - the basics done exceptionally well, at a fair price.

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    avid™ hotels Double Queen Guestroom


avid™ hotels are designed for new build construction to provide exactly what our guests need, consistently. IHG gave owners first look at our fresh, new midscale hotel brand at our 2017 Americas Conference. Since that time, avid hotels has garnered interest from the industry and developers alike as it fills a gap in an important and growing segment of the market.  

The guest experience includes four areas where no one is delivering consistently today:

- Clear and simple booking

- Rooms designed for sound sleep

- A focused high-quality breakfast

- Confidence in all we do

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  • Our room features a best in-class sleep experience, built-in workspace, open closet with storage, a great shower experience, and smart TV
  • Our lobby features an accessible and efficient check-in area, a well-curated market place integrated into the front desk, a mix of seating that works for our guests and for their needs, and an innovative new breakfast experience
  • avid™ hotels will feature the latest in the emerging technology of IHG to enable seamless experience for our guests throughout the booking and in-hotel experience